13 of the Worst (Best) Chicken Puns You've Ever Heard

Posted by TF Oren
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Don't deny it. You know you love that feeling of instant gratification when you bust out some ridiculously clever wordplay and everyone rolls their eyes.

Here are 12 wince-worthy chicken puns to keep in your back pocket for the next time you feel a wave of grandpa humor coming on.

1. The chicken farmer died under mysterious circumstances.

The police suspect fowl play.

2. Ever hear the one about the egg who got laid?


3. I have no idea how to raise chickens.

I think I'll just wing it.

4. The thief finally ran afowl of the law.

5. I hate winter.

I always feel so cooped up.


6. I ate an omelette for breakfast but I'm still feeling peckish.

7. The owner of the fair's winning rooster was sure cocky.


8. Who's in the mood for a chick flick?

9. Quit complaining and suck it up.

I can't listen to anymore of your squawking.

10. Those two are constantly egging each other on.


11. Shush! I'm hatching a plan.

Says the pet chicken heading home to roost.

12. Ignore him. 

He's the guy who likes to ruffle everyone's feathers.


13. I'm feeling old. 

Guess I'm no spring chicken.

Yep. They were exactly as bad as you thought they'd be.

But when it comes to puns, the cheesier, the better. So don't be chicken.

Go forth and proudly make some eyes roll, and put in some chicken jokes and funny memes while you're at it.

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Do you know some funny chicken puns? Give us some more in the comments below!
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13 of the Worst (Best) Chicken Puns You've Ever Heard