12 Spectacular Fish Tanks That Show True Dedication to a Hobby

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Need some inspiration for your fish tank?

Look no further! Here are 12 of the coolest fish tanks to drool over and dream about!

In case you have hundred dollar bills falling out of your pockets...

This fish tank is mostly for drooling over. Imagine walking up those stairs every day. I'd never leave the house!


Even our pets can enjoy fish tanks!

Now your four-legged friends can enjoy the calming effects of watching fish swim around!


A fish tank for the musician in your life!

However, strumming the glass is not recommended. This one also might be a little more difficult to clean.

guitar fish tank

The most relaxing way to spend the mornings- waking up to this.

A little coffee, a good book, and the relaxing blue light-- a perfect recipe for falling back into a peaceful sleep.

The Nest
Trinity Air Travel

Hamsters shouldn't have all the fun!

With the option to roam from room to room, fish can live up to their dreams of owning a mansion. This way, the kids don't have to share a room!

Fun Fish Tank

For the fishy Harry Potter fans!

Fish love Quidditch, too! Which house are you voting for?!

Reddit/ kst8er

A more attainable option that is just as cool.

Here's a great way to easily add your fish into your decor plan--it's easy to hang, clean, and won't break the bank!


Making your fish friends a permanent addition to your home.

What a relaxing focal point that adds your fish companions into your construction plans.

Ted's Wood Working

A simple, cool way to re-purpose old glassware.

Not only does it look beautiful, it's also a cool way to re-purpose something you already have kicking around!


Two in one room! Your fish can tell you the time, and hold your remotes!

Both a clock and a coffee table?! Where do we sign up for these cool fish tank furniture pieces?

Opulent Items
Opulent Items

A beautiful, relaxing entry way.

Who wouldn't like coming home to this relaxing koi pond?

Astuces de filles
Astuces de filles

For the people who don't need too much privacy.

These fish... have seen too much.

Aqua One

There are cool fish tanks for every person! Whether you want to keep it simple and elegant, or crazy and extravagant, there is a fish tank for everyone!

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12 Spectacular Fish Tanks That Show True Dedication to a Hobby