11 Toy Model Horses That Are Stunningly Realistic

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While most people regard model horses as being toys, these are works of art. 

Did you grow up playing with Breyer, Stone, or Schleigh horses? It seems that every horse-loving child collected some model horses, which became treasured playthings. Model horses served as many girls' first horse, and helped to fulfill dreams until a full-size horse could.

But some collectors and artists have taken model horses to the next level. Custom painting and sculpting gives these horses an unbelievably realistic appearance. They're so realistic that, if you glance at a photo online, you're unlikely to be able to tell whether you're looking at a model or a real horse.

From their poses to the detailing of singular hairs, these models are unlike anything that you've seen before.

So Handsome

Dawn Imagination Stables II via Flickr.com


horse i
Ansata Customs

One Amazing Mule


Incredible Dapple Grey


Detailed Draft

horse ii

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Beautiful Detailing

Pinterest/Abby Stoesz

Look at that draft!


Yes, they're really models.


Pure Power


Wow. Just, wow.



arabian ii
Pinterest/Vicki Keeling

Are you amazed by these models? They're crafted by true artists using a variety of different techniques. Some of these toys are plastic models which have been stripped down and custom painted, while others are resin models. You'll see that some have been painted using pastels, acrylics, and oils.

Others feature mohair to give them even more realistic manes and tails. Countless hours have gone into their creation, and such realistic models can only be crafted by incredibly talented artists.

These custom models can cost hundreds of dollars and up. Some people like to collect them as display items in their home, and horse owners sometimes commission artists to make a model resembling a special horse in their lives. Collectors may also choose to participate in model horse shows in which a horse is judged on its realism, its quality, and the overall setup.

Do you have a new-found appreciation for your model horse collection? Tell us in the comments below!

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11 Toy Model Horses That Are Stunningly Realistic