11 Hunting Lab Puppies Practicing with Their Ducky Toys

Posted by Mateja Lane

Labrador Retrievers are a waterfowl hunter's best friend. But they have to learn to retrieve first.

Labrador Retrievers are eager to please, especially at a hunter's side in the field. But before they start bringing back the ducks in the water, they have to learn to retrieve.

Many hunting dog kennels start training with duck decoys, little stuffed ducks, and lots of treats. Seeing a future hunting dog practice with a toy ducky is probably the cutest thing ever.

Here are 11 Labrador puppies practicing retrieving that duck.

Here I come!

labrador puppy playing

This is close, right?

How Do It

I think we are just posing for the Christmas card.

Labrador Retriever Gifts

Now it's mine though.

Where do I go now?


Ducky Dreams

Sweet Miles

Shoot, is this the wrong species?

adorable brown labrador retriever puppy

I got it in the water!


I got it but it won't bite, right?


Yay! We found it...together!

Labrador retriever-mother and her puppy

That was a long day. 

Louisiana Sportsman

These pups are still learning how to be the best bird dogs. But they will be bringing home dinner in no time!

And they would enjoy lots of treats in the process, please.

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11 Hunting Lab Puppies Practicing with Their Ducky Toys