12 Horse Tattoos That Let Everyone Know Where Your Passion Lies

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A passion for horses runs in the blood, but today many riders also prefer to wear their love of horses on their sleeves with horse tattoos.

Horses are elegant, powerful, and beautiful; all elements which make them excellent art subjects. We all know that tattooing is an art form, but there's no better way to prove that than to take a look at these incredible tattoos.

From galloping horses to mystic figures to detailed, accurate equine portraits, beautiful horse tattoos come in many forms.

These tattoos are breathtaking and a great way of commemorating a special horse, or of expressing a general love of horses. They make touching tributes and inspirational pieces. If you're looking for great tattoo ideas, then be sure to check out these awesome horse tattoos.

Elegant and Subtle

TexasDarkHorse via Flickr

Portrait Style

Ricardo Almelda via Flickr

Stunningly Realistic

horse 1
Pinterest/Tara Patten

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A Work of Art

horse iii

Breathtaking Detail

horse iiii

Colorful Tattoo

horse 5
Pinterest/Tara Patten

Subtle and Classy

horse 6
Pinterest/Edward Snyder

Geometric Jumper

horse 8

Black Horse- Free Spirit

horse 9

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Gorgeous Friesian


Intense Color

horse 10

Elegant Bit


Are you inspired to get a cool tattoo design of your own? Before you do, carefully plan out what you want your tattoo to look like. Do you want something simple, like the snaffle bit pictured above? Or do you want something more complex, like a portrait of your favorite horse or a fully-colored tattoo?

You'll want to find out about the cost of the tattoo, and carefully consider where on your body you would like to have it placed. Remember, being able to cover up a tattoo may be important for various jobs. The upper arm, back, or thighs might be a good place to start, especially because tattoos hurt less over fleshier areas.

Choosing a great tattoo artist is an important step in ensuring that your tattoo is a success. Choose a tattoo artist who is reputable and whose style and previous work you admire. Be sure to bring along a quality reference photo if you're asking for a portrait, and bring along some photos to demonstrate the style that you're looking for.

From a winged horse, running horse, carousel horse, horse shoe tattoos, a simple tattoo of a horse head outline, to a tribal horse tattoo, there is no shortage of horse tattoo designs to choose from. The best horse tattoos are truly from the heart.

Do you have a beautiful horse tattoo? Show us in the comments below!

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12 Horse Tattoos That Let Everyone Know Where Your Passion Lies