12 Horse Mailboxes So Awesome You'll Look Forward to Getting Mail

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you want to show off your love of horses to the world, these incredible horse mailboxes are the perfect way to do it!

We've all seen mailboxes decorated to look like barns, vehicles, and even the occasional favorite animal. For the horse lover, there are now horse mailboxes that can show everyone on your street how much horses mean to you. From the simple to the intricate, these novelty horse mailboxes are sure to catch eyes and turn heads.

So check out these awesome 12 horse mailboxes. Some talent, time, and serious creativity went into the creation of each of them. Which one's your favorite?

1. A Stunning Black Stallion Mailbox Topper

horse mailbox
Mailbox Collection Set

2. A Proud Pony at Your Gate


3. Beautiful Belgian

horse mailbox

4. Cartoon Hand-Painted Horse and Rider

horse mailbox

5. 3-D Sculpture Mailbox

horse mailbox
Desert Rat Forge

6. Hunting Scene Mailbox

horse mailbox
Seattle Luxe

7. Recycled Rocking Horse Post Mount Mailbox

horse mailbox
Pinterest/Melissa Grant

8. Silly Cartoon Horse 

horse mailbox

9. Repurposed Saddle Mailbox

horse mailbox
Pinterest/Leslie Lim

10. Jumping Quarter Horse and Rider Metal Mailbox

horse mailbox
The Mailbox Ranch

11. An Awesome Horse Trailer Mailbox

horse mailbox
Morgan Home Accents

12. The Headless Horseman!

horse mailbox
Pinterest/Ugly Mailbox

So, are you feeling inspired? Looking for a unique mailbox design for your barn or home? There are tons of ideas here, and many of them can be easily customized to suit your own preferences and style. Consider a horse trailer mailbox painted in the style of your own trailer. Or maybe a horse mailbox customized to look just like that special horse in your life. Talk about easy home improvement!

If arts and crafts aren't your thing, you can order pre-made mailboxes from a variety of websites and sources. Do some Internet searching, or check out the links from the decorative mailboxes above. There are tons of different residential mailboxes out there, and some craftspeople will even customize them to better suit what you're looking for. They make great gifts for the horse people in your life! Other good ideas that missed this list are a western stirrups mailbox, a carousel mailbox, or one with an english saddle or dressage vinyl decal.

When you have one of these fun custom mailboxes out front, you'll even look forward to getting the mail and the mailman will love delivering it, too!

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