12 Hilarious Horse Photobombs Because They Are Always the Center of Attention

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horses are always unpredictable, and for these twelve horses, the temptation to photobomb was just too great.

If you're ready for some laughs, then check out these awesome horse photobombs.

From interrupting the perfect shot of humans, to photobombing shots of other horses, these twelve horses clearly can't get enough of their time in the spotlight.

This horse who thinks it's finally her turn to wear white. 

Nanaarnadottir via Photobucket

This horse who thinks these officers are just hay-larious.

Police Officers

This horse who is trying his best to look handsome. 

Smiling horse

This horse who is a little peeved she wasn't a bridesmaid. 

Wedding Party

This horse who always needs to be the center of attention. 

Wedding Photo

This donkey who thinks he's just as photogenic as the rest of them. 


This horse who also wants to smile for the photo. 

Little Girl

This horse who just wants a kiss too. 

Engaged Couple

This horse who is trying to get his friend to remember that one time. 


This horse who is having a blast at this birthday party. 


This horse who is wondering where his vest is. 

Grooms Party

This horse who thinks his photobomb will finally get him famous. 

Horse Show
Tumblr/Horse Show Days

Lesson learned? Horses are masters of the photobomb.

If you plan on taking photos anywhere near a horse, then be prepared for lots of outtakes, some hilarious shots, and maybe a few good pictures - if the horse decides to cooperate that day!

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12 Hilarious Horse Photobombs Because They Are Always the Center of Attention