12 Hilarious Dogs Who Can't Get Enough of the Snow in GIF Form

Posted by Krissy Howard

There's not much that's cuter than seeing a furry face enjoy a good romp in the snow!

Most dogs love a nice lazy day of lying in the sun or the shade, but for those Northern-based pups out there who live for the seasonal changes, it doesn't get much better than a nice afternoon roll in the snow.

Check out these dozen happy campers who can't wait to stay home with you on that next snow day!

1. This sweet Shiba Inu will stop at nothing to retrieve a ball.

2. While this one is content to catch whatever this wet stuff is that's falling from the sky!

3. "I don't know what's so hard about it, you just do this! Hey kid, pay attention!"

4. And the Least Helpful at Shoveling Award goes to...

5. Meanwhile, this pup is literally flipping out about any type of snow removal-related activities.

6. There isn't one thing funny about a pug in boots slipping on ice. There are four things funny about a pug in boots slipping on ice.

7. We can't tell if this pup is enjoying himself or just gave up on 2017.

8. Deck Zoomies: Winter Edition

9. "Should I come with...oh no, stay here and rub my head on the driveway? OK!"

10. Patience is a virtue. And snowballs taste amazing, apparently.

11. Snowdog will help you make snowman!

12. Because no list is truly finished until the pack of puppies shows up.

Something about the snow totally invigorates dogs! Must be that cold, refreshing air.

Stay warm out there, four-legged pals!

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