12 Gorgeous Arabian Horses That Will Take Your Breath Away

Posted by Paige Cerulli

You can't help but be stunned by the beauty of the Arabian horse!

The Arabian breed is known for its striking, elegant, and absolutely classic appearance. With its notable chiseled head and long, flowing mane and tail, the Arabian is a horse that was made for show.

Feast your eyes on these 12 gorgeous Arabian horses who embody all that the breed represents.

1. Gorgeous Grey Rearing Arabian

Virginia Hill/ Flickr

2. Bay Arabian Craving a Human's Touch

Jimmy Baikovicius/ Flickr

3. Prize-Winning Chestnut Arabian

Sammy Six/ Flickr

4. Stunning Arabian Endurance Horse

Jean/ Flickr

5. Amazing Arabian Eye

BOBDOGidaho/ Flickr

6. Bay Arabian at Completion of Dressage Test

Christiaan Kuun/ Flickr

7. Grey Arabian in Beautiful Field

Marvin Snakenburg/ Flickr

8. Gorgeous Young Arabian

Jimmy Baikovicius/ Flickr

9. Bay Arabian and Handler in Show Ring

Sammy Six/ Flickr

10. Stunning Profile of Grey Arabian

Virginia Hill/ Flickr

11. Shiny Steel Grey Arabian

Virginia Hill/ Flickr

12. Bay Arabian Stallion Performing Dressage Test

fallingdominos/ Flickr

Arabian horses are a spectacular breed, and also the oldest! They are highly prized for their ability to learn quickly and willingness to please their riders.

From these images it is easy to see why Arabian horses are so well-known.

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12 Gorgeous Arabian Horses That Will Take Your Breath Away