12 Flemish Giant Rabbits for Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Portrait of Flemish Giant (Oryctolagus cuniculus) close-up

If you envision all rabbits as being small and delicate, then these 12 Flemish giant rabbits are sure to make you think again.

If you've ever been lucky enough to see a Flemish giant rabbit in real life, then you know how impressive these rabbits are.

Flemish giants typically weigh about 15 pounds, but they can grow to weigh over 20 pounds. Because of their size, Flemish giants require lots of space to keep them comfortable and fit.

Rather than living in a cage, many Flemish giants do better off with a pen or room all to themselves. If you take a look at these beautiful rabbits, you're sure to see why.

Relaxed Giant Flemish Rabbit

Flemish Giant Rabbit
bagsgroove via Flickr

Sandy Flemish Rabbit Close-Up

Flemish Giant Rabbit
The Original Turtle via Flickr

Winning Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant Rabbit with awards
The Original Turtle via Flickr

Docile Nature Flemish Giant 

girl holding Flemish Giant Rabbit
Mr.TinDC via Flickr

Giant Flemish Pellets

Flemish Giant Rabbits Eating
houroumono via Flickr

Triplet Flemish Giant Bunnies

three Flemish Giant Rabbits
bagsgroove via Flickr

House Fawn Flemish Giant

The Original Turtle via Flickr

Flemish Giant and Stuffie

Flemish Giant Rabbit and Pig stuffed animal
The Original Turtle via Flickr

Curious Light Gray Giant Rabbit

Flemish Giant rabbit and foal grazing in clover and grassFlemish Giant Ears

The Original Turtle via Flickr

 Subdued Flemish Giant 

petting a flemish giant rabbit
The Original Turtle via Flickr

Big Baby Flemish Giant 

holding a giant rabbit
The Original Turtle via Flickr

Are you tempted to add a Flemish giant to your home, now? Before you go looking for your new rabbit, make sure that you have the space and time to keep your giant Flemish rabbit happy and healthy.

Remember, these rabbits require lots of space to move around, and if you want your rabbit to be friendly and social, then you need to spend lots of time giving him attention.

Flemish giants can make great pets, as long as you treat them well and give them lots of attention.

These are stunning rabbits who can have great personalities and who may make the perfect addition to your home.

Do you have a Flemish Giant? Show us in the comments below!

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