12 of the Fanciest Stirrups to Really Make You Stand Out

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you want to add a special touch to your saddle, then be sure to check out these twelve fanciest stirrups ever.

When riders want to stand out a little, they typically look for a fancy saddle pad or a new outfit which will catch the judge's eye. But did you know that there are actually fancy stirrups available which can put a real shine on your entire ensemble? From fancy engraving to bold colors and patterns, these stirrups are designed to turn heads and catch attention.

Would you be bold enough to outfit your saddle with these stirrups? Take a look at the fancy designs below.

Show Ring Ready

showring ready

Bold and Blingy

bold and bling

Elegant English Stirrup


Gorgeous Detailing Inside and Out


Beautiful Woodwork

Pinterest/Wind Storm Ranch

Modern and Fancy


Southwestern Detail


Ornamented English

English ii

Bright and Beautiful


Lots of Sparkle


Super Fancy!

Pinterest/Loretta Web

Totally Bold English Styles

bold english

How beautiful are some of these stirrups? They'll definitely get you noticed both in the schooling and show rings. But before you add these onto your saddle, make sure that they're acceptable for the discipline that you show in.

For instance, you wouldn't want to use some of these styles if you compete in the hunter or dressage discipline, since they might take points off of your score or even get you kicked out altogether.

Some of these stirrups are so fancy that they're works of art. You'll want to keep them in great shape and save them for the show ring, so it's a good idea to only put these on your show saddle. If you only have one saddle, then consider buying two pairs of stirrups - one for shows, and one for everyday use.

Don't forget to take care of your tack, too. Wiping your tack down after each use can help to ensure that it lasts you for years to come.

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12 of the Fanciest Stirrups to Really Make You Stand Out