12 Dogs of Christmas: Holiday Dog Photos Will Win You an iFetch

Posted by Mateja Lane

Do you dress your dog up for the holidays?

Then you can enter to win your dog an iFetch!

Submit photos of your dog getting ready for the holidays for your chance to win an iFetch, a self-throwing fetch machine for your pup! That means photos of dogs dressed up in Santa hats, reindeer antlers, wrapped in Christmas lights, and so much more!

12 dogs of christmas wide open pets giveaway

Your dog is just as excited about the holidays as you are! They can feel the excitement in the air what with all the shopping trips, meal planning, and family members visiting.

Now you have the chance to give your dog the greatest gift under the tree! The iFetch is a device that throws the ball when your dog drops the ball in the top. It provides endless fun for your energetic pooch while teaching him cause and effect; stimulation is key for a bored pup!

Upload your pictures here and then vote on the best pups! Have your friends vote on your pictures for a better chance at winning. Share away!!

We will pick the winner after the New Year!

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12 Dogs of Christmas: Holiday Dog Photos Will Win You an iFetch