12 Dogs of Christmas: Holiday Dog Photos Will Win You an iFetch

Posted by Mateja Lane

We are running a contest and the best-voted holiday dog photo will win an iFetch. 

Wide Open Pets is running a holiday photo contest! Submit a photo of your dog getting ready for the holidays and the photo with the most votes will win an iFetch!

iFetch giveaway

Here are the top 10 photos we have received so far!

Santa Paws 


dog with Christmas lights

Artie Meets Mr. and Mrs. Claus

dog with mr. and mrs. santa claus

"I hope I get extra for helping Santa!"


"I'm ready and waiting for my Automatic Ball Launcher!"

dog with santa hat

"I promise I've been good Santa..."

dog with santa

Jingling All the Way

dog with christmas wreath

Mrs. Claus' Helper

dog with santa hat

We love Christmas!!

dog and kid in front of christmas tree

This is my titter, Julius. He isn't a doge, but he loves Chrimbas.

cat on christmas presents

You can upload your own photo and vote here for all these wonderful submissions and more before January 1!

Make sure you tell your friends to vote for your photo so the whole neighborhood can have fun with a new automatic ball fetcher!

Happy Howl-idays!

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12 Dogs of Christmas: Holiday Dog Photos Will Win You an iFetch