12 Doggy Tacos That Make Mexican Food Adorable

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dog taco costume

Yo quiero a puppy taco.

Put them in a costume, and they're irresistible. Make that a Mexican taco get-up, and hold everything.

Dogs like to wear costumes around Halloween. And sometimes on a Tuesday just because they can.

Check out these taco-donning canines. Please refrain from biting the screen due to cuteness overload.

More Hot Sauce Packets Needed

Let's taco 'bout it. ? #nationaltacoday

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The 2-for-1 Special

It's #NationalTacoDay on #TacoTuesday! ? Gonna fiesta until we siesta ???

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Order with a Side of Nachos

The Taco Salad

Somebody isn't excited about National Taco Day... - @diannamancillas Tag #gohealthypaws to be featured.

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The Mini Taco

Hi happy #NationalTacoDay #foodIRL (?: puppies on twitter)

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Beans or Beef?

The Stereotype

It's just a little cheat snack pupper! #puppers #doggo #cheatday #cheatmeal #cheattaco #dogtaco #tacodog #tacodoggo

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The Street Taco

#tbt to when my baby was a taco for Halloween! #dogsofinstagram #costume #dogtaco

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More Cheese? Yes, Please

The Fiesta Taco

Extra Lettuce, Hold the Guac

who needs to wait for #halloween? I'd rock this #taco suit #alldayerryday #rubyconqueso

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The Drive-Thru Taco

Didn't get enough #doggytaco? Share your pooch tortilla pics with us on our Facebook and Instagram.

We're craving some pictures of Mexican food, especially when a pup is involved.

Tell us what you think of these cute doggos in the comments below. 

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12 Doggy Tacos That Make Mexican Food Adorable