12 Dog Halloween Costumes So Your Furry Friends Can Celebrate Too

Posted by Mateja Lane

Trick-or...wait I'll just have the treats, please. 

Who is ready for Halloween? Fido is!

Are you the type of person who plans out your costume months in advance? Have you been so busy with your own costume that you forgot about what your dog is going to be for Halloween this year?

That's okay, we got you covered with these quick costumes that will be easy for Fido to wear and may even win you something at a pet costume contest. Check out these 12 easy Halloween costumes for dogs found on Amazon.

1. Lion Mane for Dog

Lion mane for dog

This lion mane is simple, easy, and looks great.

Grab this lion pet costume for $11.99

2. EXPAWLORER Dog Halloween Costume

dog witch costume

A witch costume is a classic Halloween get-up.

Get a cute witch outfit for your dog for $9.99

3. NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs

dog cowboy costume

Your dog can be the trusty steed with this cowboy costume. You can assume he will try to buck off the rider which will be even more entertaining.

Get this costume for $16.99

4. California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume

UPS dog halloween costume

Well, isn't this the most ironic costume. I know our UPS delivery man would get a kick out of this costume if my dog came running to the fence with this on. 

Get this cute costume for $15.03 and start breaking stereotypes this Halloween.

5. Taco Halloween Costume

taco dog costume

Your dog should go as your favorite food for Halloween this year! And obviously your favorite food is a taco.

Get this little taco costume that holds with a simple velcro strap for $14.99.

6. Rubies Costume Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume

Darth Vader Dog costume

For all you "Star Wars" fans out there, your dog is ready for the dark side this Halloween. If you would rather your pet be on the winning side, check out this Princess Leia costume, but good luck keeping the buns in place.

You can get the Darth Vader costume for $11.19

7. Rubies Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

Batman dog costume

Are you more of a DC comic book fan? Well, your dog should probably be Batman then.

Grab this dashing Batman dog costume and get ready for your pet to save the day for $10.16

8. Big Dogs Superman Dog Costume

superman dog costume

Maybe your pooch is more of a Superman dog. Or if you have two dogs you can get both costumes and then it will be Batman vs. Superman. Isn't that a movie or something?

If you really want to have a house full of superheroes, check out this Captain America superhero costume too. (Maybe you're more of a Marvel fan)

Get this cute, but macho, dog costume for $21.31.

9. Rubies Costume Company Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Pet Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dog costume

Well, if this isn't the cutest thing. If your dog will tolerate it, this Leonardo costume is a winner. Just get ready for your dog to be begging you for pizza all night.

Get this cute costume for $14.97

10. BOBIBI Cool Caribbean Pirate Pet Halloween Costume for Dogs

dog pirate costume

"Arr, where are the treats?"

Get this pirate costume for $10.99 and if you get the small one, it can also be a cat costume.

11. HBuir Pet Christmas Costumes Suit with Cap

devil dog costume

Simple but fitting. Your dog may very well be an angel every other day of the year, but maybe he should dress up as a devil this Halloween.

Get some devil horns and a bow tie for $6.39

12. Tootsie Roll Halloween Dog Costume

tootsie roll dog costume

This will have all your Halloween party guests saying, what a sweetie!

Get this little candy costume for a variety of prices depending on the size.

Your dog wants to be in on the fun this Halloween! Dressing up in a group costume is always fun too, so keep that in mind. Here are some good ideas to get the juices flowing.

Some costumes take getting used to so check out our tips on how to safely dress your dog up for Halloween. If you're having a party it also helps to prepare your pet for the festivities. Check out more tips here.

And don't forget the party supplies for your big Halloween bash!

Does this get you excited for Halloween? Do you have any plans? Are you dressing up your pet? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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12 Dog Halloween Costumes So Your Furry Friends Can Celebrate Too