12 Cute Ideas for Decorating a Kid's Horsey Bedroom

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you have a horse-crazy kid, then you both will surely fall in love with some of these ideas for decorating a horsey bedroom.

When you were a child, did you dream of a horsey bedroom? Maybe show ribbons decorated your walls, and Breyer model horses pranced across every shelf. Did you cover your walls with posters and squeeze horse books into your bookshelves? One thing's for certain - you could always spot a horse-loving child according to their bedroom decor.

Want to bring a horsey bedroom to life for your child? Today there are more ways than ever that you can incorporate a horse theme into your decorating. From the simple to the complex, take a look at some of the awesome ideas below. You'll certainly be able to craft a one-of-a-kind bedroom for your horse-loving child.

Best Closet Doors Ever

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One Cool Headboard

Lucky Pony

Modern Jumping Style

Dos Family

Barn-Style Beds

barn beds
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Adorable Barn Decorating Scheme

Home Cips

A Little Bit Western


Possibly the Best Bed Ever

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Bright and Bold

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An Adorable Wall Decor Idea


Horses Everywhere

horses everywhere
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For a Cowgirl or a Cowboy


Rustic and Beautiful


Looking for affordable ways to incorporate horse decor into your child's room? Consider using items from the barn that you don't need, like an old saddle, old horseshoes, or even old bits. Adding these items throughout the room can give it a distinctly "horsey" feel. Hang some show ribbons from the wall or from curtain rods, and build some shelves so that your child can display his or her model horses and other figurines.

If you have old barnboard, then the possibilities are endless. Build a barnboard closet door, or run barnboard baseboards or wall accents to give the room a special touch. Your child is sure to love it.

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12 Cute Ideas for Decorating a Kid's Horsey Bedroom