12 Coonhounds Too Floppy for Their Own Good

Posted by Mateja Lane

Coonhounds are amazing scent hounds, but sometimes they are too floppy and uncoordinated for their own good.

Coonhounds have incredible noses. They are cold-scent hounds which means they can pick out animal tracks from days before.

They make great hunting dogs, but they can also be the biggest goofballs.

Here are 12 Coonhounds that are maybe just too floppy for their own good.

1. "Can you repeat that?"

black and tan coonhound portrait outside in grass

2. Coonhounds are drooly too.

Mateja Lane
Mateja Lane

3. "I thought I smelled something up here..."

Colorado Mtns and Plains

4. "Wait, I can't see."

Pinterest/Christen Price

5. This one holds the Guinness World Record for longest ears.

Guinness World Records

6. "I think I got it..."

Pet Your Dog

7. "Comin' in hot!"

Puppy Young

8. "The air just feels so good beneath my ears."

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9. "This tastes pretty good. Oh, it's grass? Hmm."


10. "Distracted? I'm not distracted."

Coon Dog Black and Tan
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11. Looking and learning. 

Bluetick Coonhound/Weebly

12. All tuckered out. 

Color Genetics

When a Coonhound is on the scent and he trees his quarry he is coordinated, quick, and looks like he knows what he is doing.

Most other times, though, they are lacking in the grace department.

But we still love them to death because, as all Coonhound owners know, they are the most loving goofballs in the world.

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12 Coonhounds Too Floppy for Their Own Good