12 Cleverly Camouflaged Cats You Probably Can't Find

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Pierre Wolfer via Flickr

Are your eyes sharp enough to spot the twelve cleverly camouflaged cats in these photos?

If you've ever tried to find your cat in your home or your yard but haven't been able to spot him, that may be because your cat was cleverly camouflaged. Cats seem to be incredibly talented in camouflaging themselves, and this talent may be partly related to the fact that cats are predators.

In the wild, cleverly camouflaged cats would stand a better chance of catching prey than non-camouflaged cats would.

With so many different coat colors and patterns, it's a wonder that cats can camouflage themselves today, but these twelve photos are evidence that they do. Can you find the cats in the photos below?

Elegantly Camouflaged

Houser Wolf via Flickr.com

Hidden Kitten

Eric Johnson via Flickr.com

A Properly Positioned Cat

ana.philbrook via Flickr.com

Blending in Beautifully

Johanna via Flickr.com

He just needs to close his eyes...

Pierre Wolfer via Flickr.com

Clever Camouflage

Kal Schrelber via Flickr.com

Stealthy Attempt

raincrystal via Flickr.com

Big Cat Camouflage

Bex Ross via Flickr.com

Perfectly Matched

Crazy Hyena

Cat using the dog correctly. 


Camouflaged and Alert

camo cat

Color Matching


So, what did you think? Do you love these camouflaged cats? Some of them are so well camouflaged that you can barely see them. But they're all adorable, just the same.

Did you notice the photo of the jaguar? It truly proves how powerful a tool camouflage can be for a predatory cat. Many animals wouldn't even be aware that the jaguar is there until they're dangerously close. It's no wonder that these cats are such incredible hunters.

The next time that you can't find your cat around the house, look closely - he might just be hiding in plain sight.

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12 Cleverly Camouflaged Cats You Probably Can't Find