12 Cats and Dogs That Take Football Season as Seriously as Their Owners

Posted by Amber King

Fall means leaves, bonfires, all things pumpkin, and most importantly, football.

From peewees all the way to the NFL, Americans love nothing more than cheering on their favorite team. We paint our faces, throw parties, and scream at the TV, and sometimes, our pets get in on the action.

Here are 12 pets that are just as excited about football season as you are.

1. This is the face you make when your team starts the season 3-0.


2. No one comes between this pup and his Fighting Irish.

football season

3. Waiting for the Pats game to start like...


4. Put me in coach!

football season
Funny Dog.Blogspot

5. The face of a true fan.

football season

6. With both Breeland and Phillips out with injuries, you're looking at your new Redskins cornerback. 

football season
Andrea Serio/Vetstreet

7. Cheeseheads aren't made, they're born.

football season
Green Bay Packers/Facebook

8. Tony Romo's biggest fan.

9. Not sure if she's a fan because of Russel Wilson, or because she likes the logo.

football season
Andrea Serio, Vetstreet

10. It wouldn't be football season without cheerleaders.

football season

11. Doug the Pug is doing football right. Just look at that concentration.

It's Doug the Pug

12. Football's cutest mascot.


Watching football is always better with company, especially when that company is a die-hard furry fan.

What are your pet's colors? Let us know by posting a picture in the comments below!


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12 Cats and Dogs That Take Football Season as Seriously as Their Owners