12 Cat Trees So Awesome You'll Wish You Were Feline

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you have an indoor cat, then you need to check out these twelve totally amazing cat trees - one might be perfect for your house.

Providing indoor cats with a cat tower can help to keep them healthy and happy. Cats are climbers by nature, and indoor cat trees allow them to fulfill this natural tendency. Cats also feel safer when they're up high - an insecure cat in particular may greatly benefit from having a tree to climb and perch on.

Cat trees also allow cats to scratch and pick at them, hopefully keeping them from scratching at or damaging your furniture. Just think of them as cat scratchers that are nicer on the eyes.

Typically cat condos are quite simple and easy to install in almost any room. However, these majestic pet trees go to the extreme. These cat trees are sure to entertain and impress even the most spoiled and adventurous cats.

Shopping for new cat tree furniture? Be sure to consider these that range from kitty mansions to skyscraper cat trees.

Jungle Cat Tree


A True Cat Tree


A Lighthouse Cat Tree


A Cat Tree "Jail"


Cat Tree Palace


Tall Oak Cat Tree

oak cat tree

Cat Tree Forest


Flower Cat Tree


Beanstalk Cat Tree


A Truly Luxurious Cat Tree for the Refined Feline (complete with cat hammocks)

luxurious tree

Artsy Solid Wood Cat Tree

Wee Folk Art

Cutesy Cat Tree

fun tree

So, are you convinced that you need one of these awesome cat trees in your home? Great! Many of these classic cat trees are available to be ordered from Amazon, but if you're crafty, you can also put your artistic talents to work in designing and making cat furniture of your own.

Make sure that whatever tree you use, it has a stable base and securely anchors to the ceiling or the wall for safety for them to use as a cat scratcher.

Don't be alarmed if your cat doesn't immediately take to the tree - it takes time. If you've ordered a tree, it likely smells foreign to your cat, but with time it will start to smell more normal. You can rub catnip into the tree to make it more appealing to your cat, and you can also place a worn T-shirt or blanket on one of the tree's platforms to make your cat feel more secure.

Some cats will ignore their new cat condos for a few months before suddenly taking to the tree, so don't lose hope. By adding a cat tree to your home, you'll be providing your cat with entertainment, increased activity, and a place where they can feel like the king or queen they are.

Show us your cat's tree in the comments below!

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12 Cat Trees So Awesome You'll Wish You Were Feline