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10 Healthy Rawhide Alternatives for Your Man's Friend


Dogs love rawhide, but there are better options for your furry friend!

Non rawhide bones can save your dog from digestive problems and choking hazards. If your dog's current chews were all rawhide, here's your chance to make the switch! Dog chews are great for many reasons. They clean your dog's teeth, are tasty, and battle your dog's boredom. Chewing is a fun activity for our dogs. I mean, why else would a dog try to eat a pair of crocs? If you're looking for a healthy alternative for pig ears or rawhide bones, non rawhide bones are the answer.

What is Rawhide?

Rawhide is the inner layer of animal hides. Rawhide treats aren't necessarily a huge risk for dogs, but have been known to be contaminated with salmonella on occasion. That alone should be enough reason to swap your dog's rawhide chews out for natural chews, but they've also been linked to choking in dogs because of the way the rawhide splinters off when being chewed. Fortunately there are healthier and safer options for your pup. Check out these chews instead!

Best Non Rawhide Bones for Dogs

1. SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews

Made with real peanut butter, real chicken, and vegetables. I'm sure these are the equivalent of the snacks the gang gave Scooby-doo. The reviews are wonderful. One customer gave it five stars and said her dog is addicted to these!

These digestible chews are great for dental health. (Be sure to check out our list of best dental chews.)


2. Earth Animal No-Hide Chew

Chemical and additive free! Earth Animal no-hide chicken chews have a five-star rating on Amazon.

3. Scott Pet Pork Chomps

Scott Pet says they're easy to digest, and customers can attest! A few reviews said their dogs used to get sick from rawhide but haven't seen any bad symptoms with these pork chomps.

4. Nature Gnaws Jumbo Bully Sticks

These bully sticks are extra thick for aggressive chewers. If you think your dog could chew through a normal-sized chew bone in no time, try these.

5. Himalayan Yaky Cheese Chew

These are a bit pricey for healthy chews, but several customers were surprised by how long these Himalyan chews lasted.


6. LuvChew Dog Chews

These are low in sugar! If you don't know by now, sugar ingredients do trigger vomiting and diarrhea for your dog. These rawhide alternatives are also high protein treats.

7. Emerald Pet Dog Chews

Rawhide free, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. Maybe something to try if your dog has a sensitive tummy.

8. SmartBones Holistic Non Rawhide Bones

These dog chews contain no gluten, wheat, or soy, making them excellent non rawhide bones.

9. SmartBones Stuffed Twistz Dog Chews

One dog owner said, "According to my pups these are the best treats they have ever chewed." I'm sold.


10. DreamBone Beef Flavored Dog Chews

4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon is impressive. If your dog loves beef flavored dog food or bones, they will love these.

In this day and age where people are becoming extremely conscious of what they are putting into their bodies, it's not ridiculous to want to do the same for our pets. Let's give them the best.

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This post was originally published on July 25, 2019.

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