12 Best Black Friday Pet Deals on Amazon

Posted by Mateja Lane

Thanksgiving is here, and that means deals are on the way. 

Black Friday is great because you can get all your holiday shopping out of the way. And when you are shopping for pet lovers, getting pet supplies on sale really puts you in the holiday spirit.

The nice thing is that Amazon is having deals all week instead of just on Black Friday, with incredible lightning deals in between.

Get the pet lover in your life something practical for the animal they care for with the best deals out there.

1. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

seat cover

Keep your car as clean as you can with this seat cover. Made with waterproof and heavy-duty material, this seat hammock will protect the back seat of your car.

The lightning deal lists this seat cover at $20.79, which is 70% off.

2. Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel

nail clippers

These nail clippers are great for dogs and cats, for that pal who has a menagerie at home. The blades are sharp, which helps make clipping a breeze, and a safety stop blade keeps you from clipping too close to the skin.

These recommended clippers are on a lightning deal for $10.37 and then just raise to $12.99 for the Black Friday sale which is still 41% off. 

3. SA Pig Ears by Best Bully Sticks

pig ears

Get a bag of 100% natural pig ears, made in the USA with pigs that are hormone and antibiotic-free. Dogs love these.

The deal puts this huge bag at $32.99, saving you 40%.

4. 11-Pc. Dog Toys Value Pack

dog toys

Look at this fun variety pack of toys! We've got some tug ropes, some squeaky toys, a frisbee... This pack has 11 toys specially designed for puppies and large dogs alike.

For today this pack costs $15.99, but for Black Friday it will be a mere $19.99 which still gives you 33% in savings.

5. Natural Cat and Dog Ear Cleaner by Rubold

pet ear cleaner

This natural ear cleaner is a must, especially for longer-eared dogs like hounds. The Rubold Infection Stop Formula protects the pet from mites, bacteria, fungus, parasites, allergy & yeast infection without any harsh medication or chemicals. Plus, it smells good!

This cleaner is going for $14.95, but Amazon is also featuring a lightning deal on this Black Friday product.

6. Puppy Collars for Small Dogs

dog collar

Your dog needs to look the part this holiday, or you can give it as a gift! This cute red plaid bandana and bow tie will impress your Christmas party guests.

This cute holiday dog attire is on sale for $15.99 for Black Friday.

7. HoneyGuaridan A26 Automatic Pet Feeder

treat dispenser

This automatic food dispenser can be scheduled to feed your pet up to six times a day. This is great for your cat if you are leaving for a few days, or for a puppy who still has more than one or two mealtimes. It also has a built-in voice recorder if you want to leave your pet a little message or call them for din din.

This food dispenser is $79.99 after the lightning deal.

8. ClearView Window

dog hammock

Here is another car seat cover on sale for Black Friday, but this one has a cool netting to help keep your dog in the back. It will help keep your car cleaner, and your pet safer so they aren't crawling around.

This lightning deal is at $39.96 for a few more hours, but maxing out at $49.95 for the rest of the week, saving you 50%!

9. PetBonus Denim Blue Front Kangaroo Pouch Dog Carrier

dog backpack

So your dog, or the lucky gift recipient's pooch, can come along on the hike! This kangaroo pouch will let your furry baby come on all the adventures even if they get tired.

Save 73% with this lightning deal at $13.59, which makes a good gag gift, even if you know your friends will leave the party with Fido in the backpack and they'll both love it.

10. 100% Natural Dog Fish Oil

fish oil

Fish oil makes a dog coat shine, helps lessen shedding, and has lots of different health benefits!

120 tablets usually costs nearly $50, but for Black Friday this container costs $13.99, unless you make the lightning deal today.

11. Petacc Dog Shoes

dog shoes

Dog booties are perfect for your pooch in the snow! These flexible little paw protectors are also great for walks on frozen road, which may be covered in harmful salts.

These dog booties are on sale for $19.88 for Black Friday week!

12. Dog Houses

dog house

This collapsable, plush dog bed is perfect for your own pooch or for your niece or nephew dog. It can also work as a cat bed, especially since the cat needs it's own house anyways. Oh, she didn't tell you she's moving out?

This pet bed dog or cat house costs $18.39 with the lightning deal, but is on sale all week for $25.99.

Some pet care honorable mentions that are on sale this week include dental treats, Cesar dog food products, cat food, and a self-cleaning cat litter box.

People may be already lining up at Walmart, Best Buy, or Petsmart for Black Friday deals, but with these pet products you don't have to leave the couch. You can even get ahead of Cyber Monday, meaning you'll be laden with all your holiday gifts for friends and family super early this year.

Taking the stress of the holidays makes it so much more enjoyable, especially with such great deals! Make this the best Black Friday by not elbowing other shoppers out of the way.

Are you ready for some Black Friday deals? Tell us in the comments below. 

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12 Best Black Friday Pet Deals on Amazon