12 Exotic Bengal Cats Showing off Their Wild Side

Posted by Paige Cerulli
ReflectedSerendipity via Flickr

Bengal cats are one of the most unusual, distinctive cat breeds.

If you have a love for the exotic, then you're sure to love the Bengal. These gorgeous domestic cats closely resemble wild cats; they look like little leopards!

Though Bengals are a domesticated breed, they require lots of entertainment and space to move about. Bengals are highly athletic and can jump and climb with incredible skill.

Take a look at these beautiful Bengal cats showing off their wild side.

Bengal Jaunt

Roberto Shabs via Flickr

Bengal Pondering

Roberto Shabs via Flickr

Bengal Concentration

A J Thackway via Flickr

Bengal in the Water

Roberto Shabs via Flickr

Bengal in the Sun

Roberto Shabs via Flickr

Bengal Eyes

ReflectedSerendipity via Flickr

Bengal Hunt

Roberto Shabs via Flickr

Bengal Detail

Rosana Prada via Flickr

Bengal Can Food Manipulation

Etienne Tremblay via Flickr

Bengal Christmas

Petra Spless via Flickr

Bengal Bathtime

Rosana Prada via Flickr

Bengal Naptime

Jonathan Benson via Flickr

If you're thinking about getting a Bengal, then make sure that you're familiar with this breed's needs in terms of attention and entertainment. It's a wise idea to make sure that you have a large space for your cat to explore, and to have plenty of cat toys on hand to fulfill your cat's natural hunting tendencies.

The Bengal is a beautiful cat breed, but it's not a breed that's right for everyone. Not everyone can handle mini leopards running the household!

Do you have a Bengal cat? Show us in the comments below!

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12 Exotic Bengal Cats Showing off Their Wild Side