12 Bad Horse Tattoos These Equestrians May One Day Regret

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you're planning on getting a horse tattoo, just make sure that you don't end up with one of these bad horse tattoos.

One of the great things about tattoos is that they're permanent and, unless you take some pretty extreme measures, they'll be with you forever. However, that can also be one of the bad things about tattoos, at least in the case of the photos below.

Because sometimes you get a tattoo and you wonder, "What was I thinking?" Or, in the case of these bad horse tattoos, you may wonder, "What was the tattoo artist thinking?" Or maybe it's a little of both.

Horses are notoriously difficult to draw, so maybe that can serve as an excuse for some of these tattoos. Others, well, we just don't know what to think. Hopefully some of them are in areas where they can be concealed. Prepare yourself, and take a look at these bad tattoos.

A Blue Horse and a...Dolphin


A Rainbow Straight out of a Nightmare


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A Breasty Profile

Tattoo Now

Crying Hustlin' Unicorn (?)

twotoneams via Flickr.com

Horses Vying for Attention


The Angry, 2 Bad Horse


A Different Kind of Carousel Horse


A Devil Hollywood Horse (?)

red horse

A Hand Trio

horses two

Horses are hard to draw...


Impressionistic ... no, cubism? 

Little Tattoos

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Straggly-Maned Purple Portrait 


So, what can we learn from the above tattoos? It's clearly important to know exactly what you want, and to bring a clear photo or sketch of the horse tattoo design that you're looking for.

It's also super important that you ask the tattoo artist to provide you with a sketch of the tattoo before they begin - and if you don't like that sketch, then don't proceed with the tattoo.

Finally, while it may cost more to go to a top-rated tattoo artist, it will be worth it when you're satisfied with the tattoo that you get in return. The best horse tattoos may take a bit more expertise from a reputable tattoo parlor.

If you get a horse tattoo, then we hope that it is awesome and that you love it! Check out the hastag #horsetattoo on Instagram for some inspiration.

Do you have a horse tattoo? Show us in the comments below!

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12 Bad Horse Tattoos These Equestrians May One Day Regret