12 Adorable Ragdoll Cats That Will Flop Their Way into Your Heart

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These Ragdoll cats will take your breath away with their knee-weakening cuteness.

The Ragdoll is a breed which is well-known for its laid-back attitude about life in general. It's pretty common to be able to pick up a Ragdoll cat and have it absolutely flop in your arms like, well, a rag doll.

Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes, and long, fluffy coats. They're an awesome combination of Siamese-like coloring with an unbeatable attitude. In short, Ragdolls make great pets.

Feast your eyes on these twelve adorable Ragdoll cats!

Priceless Pair of Ragdolls

Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

Pretty Blue-Eyed Ragdoll

Antti via Flickr

Fancy Ragdoll 

Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

Soft Paws and a Sleepy Ragdoll

Eric Semling via Flickr

Ragdoll Puppy Eyes 

lightinacube via Flickr

Spoiled Ragdoll 

Cassia Afini via Flickr

Ragdoll on Cat Tower 

Yusuke Chiba via Flickr

Ragdoll Siamese Kitten 

Visa Kopu via Flickr

Ragdoll Pose 

Found Animals Foundation via Flickr

Watchful Ragdoll

Antti via Flickr

Princess Ragdoll

Visa Kopu via Flickr

Innocent Ragdoll until...

Cassia Afini via Flickr

Did these 12 Ragdoll cats manage to sweep you off your feet? These cats are even better in real life. They're easy to carry around, tend to get along well with other pets, and often like to hang around when there are people present.

Because of these unique traits, Ragdolls are sometimes referred to as being "doglike."

If you think that a Ragdoll might make the perfect addition to your home, be sure to check out the local shelters, since sometimes these cats end up for adoption.

Do you have a ragdoll cat? Show us a picture in the comments below!

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12 Adorable Ragdoll Cats That Will Flop Their Way into Your Heart