12 Adorable Mares and Foals Celebrating Mother's Day

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Larry Lamsa via Flickr

In honor of Mother's Day, here are 12 adorable mares and foals celebrating their love. 

There's something about foals that catches at every animal lover's heart. Their soft muzzles, their awkwardly long legs, and their short tails - you simply have to fall in love with them. Mares and foals together are both peaceful and entertaining, especially when the foals are feeling playful.

Millions of foals are born around the world each year, and most of those births take place in the spring. Mares and foals stay together for months until the foals are weaned. As foals grow, they learn how to behave and how to be a part of a herd from their mothers. They spend their days nursing, sleeping, playing, and eventually learning to graze.

Take a look at these adorable foals and their mothers - they're picture-perfect.

The apple doesn't fall far...

Thomas Quine via Flickr.com

Fuzzy cuties!

Miles Wolstenholme via Flickr.com

Like mother, like daughter. 

337241975_6577e46673_z (1)
Krysten Newby via Flickr.com

Golden Girls

Animals' Angels Inc. via Flickr.com

Learning to share with mom. 

Larry Lamsa via Flickr.com

So proud!

Miles Wolstenholme via Flickr.com

A quiet moment.

Hunter Desportes via Flickr.com

Photogenic and Photo-Shy

smerikal via Flickr.com

Showing off. 

Larry Lamsa via Flickr.com

Pair for Life

Kyle Post via Flickr.com

Checking in...

Jean via Flickr.com

Genetic Duplicate

Onnola via Flickr.com

If you love mares and foals but don't have any at your barn this year, think about finding a local breeding operation and see if they offer tours. Some breeding barns have open house days or are willing to give tours to the public, but always call ahead and never just show up at the barn.

If you do tour a breeding barn, be sure to wear fresh clothes and shoes so that you can't potentially bring any diseases from your barn to the breeding barn. Then, change your clothes again before you go back to your barn to prevent disease spread again.

Visiting mares and foals can be lots of fun, especially during the spring and summer when many foals are being born.

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12 Adorable Mares and Foals Celebrating Mother's Day