12 Absolutely Adorable Labrador Faces That Get Anything They Want

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Kshitij Shah via Flickr.com

There's something about Labrador faces - their upturned eyes, their adorable ears - that no dog lover can ever resist.

If you're lucky enough to share your life with a Lab, then you know firsthand just how awesome these dogs are. No dog is better at begging than the Lab, and Labrador faces are too cute and innocent to resist.

Whether begging you for food or patiently waiting for you to head out for a walk, Labradors are best friends and masters of sweet expressions.

Ready to put a smile on your face? Then take a look at these utterly adorable Labrador faces.

The cuteness starts early.

Andrew Magill via Flickr.com

I mean, look at this face...

Bill Ferriter via Flickr.com

They they grow to be gorgeous!

Marilyn Peddle via Flickr.com

And are pros at "The Look."

Jitze Couperus via Flickr.com

They'll learn how to give you those eyes...

Marc Dalmulder via Flickr.com

And these ones.

Andre via Flickr.com

They really are too cute for words. 

Kshitij Shah via Flickr.com

And they'll always keep that innocence.

brian gatreau via Flickr.com

They'll pose with those photogenic faces. 

szapucki via Flickr.com

As long as you have a treat!

jill, jellidonut...whatever via Flickr.com

Even with sand on their faces. 

Joao Pescada via Flickr.com

 And even in sleep!

Kevin Rodriguez Ortiz via Flickr.com

Can't get enough of these adorable Labrador faces? Neither can we. Capturing great shots of your Labrador isn't too hard when they make these great faces all the time, but here are some tips to help you out. Try to take photos of your dog outdoors in natural light - it's more flattering, and you can avoid the harsh glare that a flash often creates when indoors.

To capture unique shots of your dog's expressions, take photos from different angles. Try shooting your dog from directly above or below him, or get down on his level for an up-close shot. If your dog is nervous about the camera, then spend lots of time just holding the camera and letting your dog get comfortable with its presence.

We'd love to see your awesome shots of your dog!

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12 Absolutely Adorable Labrador Faces That Get Anything They Want