11 Tortoiseshell Cats That Are Beautiful and Fluffy

Posted by Stacey Venzel
tortoiseshell cat

Check out these gorgeous torti kitties!

Tortoiseshell cats are known for their mesmerizing beauty and colorful pattern. They're often pretty fluffy, too.

Because tortoiseshell is not a breed but a pattern, tortis can vary widely - especially in their fur coat. Check out some beauties we found on the Internet!

Sleepy Kitty

Case of the Mondays

You Rang?

Chewie dans toute sa splendeur #cat #tortoiseshellcat #calico

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Wine and Dine

Into the Wild

Window Peeper

Playing Dress-Up

Can I Help You?

Persian Beauty

Fur Bundle

Kitty Yoga

Mali ❤️ #catsofinstagram #cat #tortoiseshellcat

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Aren't these tortis too cute to handle?

We love trying to find unique patterns on animals of all kinds - tortoiseshell cats included!

Do you have a picture of a tortoiseshell cat to share? Post in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets on social media.

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11 Tortoiseshell Cats That Are Beautiful and Fluffy