11 Times #DestroyersClub Caught Dogs Red-Handed

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Some dogs like to destroy things, and that's okay. In fact, it's so okay that there's an online group for it.

The #destroyersclub hashtag has more than 30,000 photos on Instagram. We probably have Bark Shop to thank for that. The dog-friendly online boutique coined the term when they began their monthly subscriptions of dog toys and products.

Take a look at some of our favorite destroyers:

The Expert Napper

When mom washes my bedcover I like to find out what’s inside my bed....😱🙈

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The Super Bowl Boycotter


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The Dog Who Hates Cable

The Neighborhood Newsie

The Anti-Stuffers

The Master Plastic Recycler

Tearing up toys is a difficult job, but someone's gotta do it. #DestroyersClub

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The Cosmetic Surgeon

The One Who Doesn't Replace the Empty Roll

The Rest & Digest Prioritizer

He murders them, then sleeps next to their bodies. 😳 Savage. #toymurder #barkbox #destroyersclub #instagrahamhamilton

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The Shredder

No toy is too tough for me! #destroyersclub #barkbox #trickortreat #happyhalloween

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The Sleepwalker

Each time a pup destroys a Bark Shop toy and uses the hashtag #destroyersclub on Instagram, Bark Shop adds another point to their overall score. The website has a running tally of the top Destroyers. Winners, of course, get rewarded for being such good boys and girls.

For more pooches caught red-handed, check out our dog shaming photos. If you've got a pup who loves utter destruction, be sure to use the #destroyersclub hashtag on social media!

Should your dog be a member of the Destroyers Club? Tell us why in the comments below! Or post a photo!

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11 Times #DestroyersClub Caught Dogs Red-Handed