11 Times Three-Legged Dogs Remind Us What Appreciation Means

Posted by Stacey Venzel
three-legged dogs

Only having three legs doesn't stop these pups from loving life.

Dogs appreciate the little things in life, like a game of fetch or a piece of cheese. Even if they are missing a leg, they still have a fervor for living that helps remind humans what life is all about.

Three-legged dogs remind us to stop and smell the roses, look for rainbows, and laugh until we cry.

They teach us that our friends will love us no matter what.

These two [email protected]

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They show us that we should never stop playing.

That we should roll in the grass if we want to.

They remind us to go on vacation...

and leave only footprints.

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They show us how to sit on the couch any way we want.

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They remind us that fashion is what you make it...

and that bowties are always in style.

They encourage us to reach for our dreams.

And to never stop exploring.

And you know they always remind us to stop and watch the sunset.

Living life one adventure to the next! I'm just gonna sit right here and enjoy this sunrise ?????

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Dogs don't notice a difference whether they have four legs or two. They get through life with as much joy as those pooches who have all four paws.

And our lives are inspired because of it.

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11 Times Three-Legged Dogs Remind Us What Appreciation Means