11 Scaly Friends That Are Ready for Reptile Awareness Day

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These reptiles break the scaly stereotype on Reptile Awareness Day.

Scaly pets can be just as lovable as furry friends. Humans with scaly pets don't need a reminder how awesome these animals are, but Reptile Awareness Day (R.A.D.) on October 21 helps them share the love to those who might not be so sure.

R.A.D. is a day that breaks down the barriers, proving that slithering and shelled animals are not just "creepy crawlers."

Here are some reptiles ready to celebrate all things scaly:

The Beardie Who Said the "A" in R.A.D. is for Awesome

The Tortoise Who Plans to Celebrate with a Feast

The Chameleon Who Shows His True Colors on R.A.D.

The Gecko Who Is Stuck on Celebrating

The Python Who Knows How to Pose for the Paparazzi

The Hognose Who Won't Stick Her Nose up at Her Scaly Sisters

Orange albino Crush #hognose#westernhognose#albino#colubrids#snakesofinstagram #reptilesofinstagram

A photo posted by Lorenzo C (@bigbenzoc) on

The Monitor Who Loves Her Human and Ain't Afraid to Show It

The Monitor Who Wanted to Celebrate Reptiles and Pumpkins

The Iguana Who Likes to Cuddle

Ig cuddles. ? xxx . . . #Iguana #GreenIguana #Iggy #Reptile #Lizard

A photo posted by Izzy (@cosmicbeardies) on

The Tegu Who Is All Smiles for R.A.D.

Tag someone who's FREAKING OUT about Monday

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The Turtle Who Loves His Little Piece of Paradise

Do you have a pet reptile that is ready to show some love on Reptile Awareness Day? Give them a shout out with the hashtag #reptileawarenesssday and #wideopenpets.

We love all pets--whether they're furry, feathered, or scaly!

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11 Scaly Friends That Are Ready for Reptile Awareness Day