11 Guinea Pig Shaming Pics Every Rodent Lover Will Understand

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Pet shaming isn't just for dogs and cats; guinea pigs are being shamed, too!

True to their pig name, these rodents eat everything. They also poop endlessly and entertain us with their fuzzy wuzzy antics.

If you own a guinea pig or obsessively love them like some of us (cough cough), you'll relate to these cavy shenanigans.

The Guinea Pig Poop Machine

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Whom to Hump or Not to Hump Is Never the Question for This Piggy

Guinea Pig Shaming
Guinea Pig Shaming

The Lazy Opportunist and His Laissez-Faire Friend

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The Guinea Pig with a Whole Lot of Sass

The Guinea Pig with a Recycling Addiction

Guinea Pig Shaming
Guinea Pig Shaming

The Cavy Who Just...Can't...Stop...Chewing

The Kid Who Doesn't Respect His Elders

Guinea Pig Shaming
Guinea Pig Shaming

The Non-Certified Cavy Barber

The Guinea Pig Who Has Trouble Sharing

Guinea Pig Shaming
Guinea Pig Shaming

The Piggy Who Snacks in Secret

The Cavy with Selective Eating Habits

Naughty piggy

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What's it like to have a pet guinea pig? Be prepared to have your bangs shortened and your channel changer mutilated.

And also expect frequent snuggle sessions and adorable wheeking.

Got a rodent shaming picture? Share it on social media with the hashtags #guineapigshaming or #rodentshaming and #WideOpenPets. We're anxious to see some mouse, gerbil, and hamster photos, too!