11 Dogs Who Are Absolutely Determined to Stay Warm This Winter

Posted by Krissy Howard

These hilarious GIFs capture highly-skilled pups who, with the help of a few soft blankets, aren't about to let the winter weather get them down. 

We just reached the halfway point between winter and spring, but for anyone living in cold climates, there's still a whole lot of winter left to survive.

These funny dogs have found creative ways to cope with the chill!

1. "I'll be in my room if you need me."

2. "What about "Do Not Disturb" don't you understand?!"

3. "I can make a burrito!"

4. "I can too BUT IN REVERSE!"

5. "Sorry, partially-covered kitty! You probably deserved it, though."

6. This little one has no idea what's going on right now but someday perhaps he will grow to become an expert blanket-coverer.

7. This guy just needed a helpful nudge. Nevermind that he ended up being held entirely against his will by a strong and gigantic cat.

8. "I will cover this sleeping baby one nose-nudge at a time if it takes me all day!"

9. "Someone get this mutant dog the heck away from my blanket!"

10. "See, you just cross it here like this, and then...wrap it like...that."

11. And finally, this guy. Because it wouldn't be a GIF gallery without a dog vigorously humping something.

They may be over-the-top divas about their cuddly sleeping habits, but we're happy to know that these dogs will be staying warm through these six more weeks of winter!

Does your dog like being underneath the blankets? Show us in the comments below!

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11 Dogs Who Are Absolutely Determined to Stay Warm This Winter