11 Chicken Memes That Prove We Can Totally Relate to Chickens

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Stacey Venzel

These chickens are very relatable.

Whether or not you raise chickens of your own, you probably know a thing or two about them. For one, they like to run. They also make some pretty good angry and surprised faces, as these funny chicken meme pictures prove.

Here are some chickens trying to get through life just like us:

When You're the Only Vegan at Thanksgiving Dinner

Stacey Venzel

When You Just Can't Be on Time

#chickenmeme -👾

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When You're Only Marginally Selective with Your Friends on Social Media

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When You Show Up to the Party with the Cheapest Wine

Right?? In chicken math I'm rich #crazychickenlady #chickenmath

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When You Choose Comfort Over Fashion

I'm here to help. #laurasmorningmemes #chickenmeme #funny #situationalhumor

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When You Try to Pretend Like Someone Isn't Annoying You

When Your Friend's Ex Comes Around and You Gotta Show Her Whose Side You're On

Lol #chicken, #funnychickens

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When You Ask a Stranger for Beauty Tips


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When You Watched One Episode and Act Like You Know the Whole Show

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When Your Sister Has Cute Clothes but Won't Share

Classic move. (Credits @omfg.sweets ) #weepollos #chickenmemery #chickenmemes #growingupwithsiblings

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When You Try to Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Apparently, chickens in their chicken coops and humans aren't so different, as these funny chicken pictures prove.

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11 Chicken Memes That Prove We Can Totally Relate to Chickens