11 Bird Shaming Pics That Prove Feathered Pets Have Their Own Agenda

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Parrots do more than just talk. They get shamed, too.

It takes a special person to love a pet that often mistakes fingers for food. But bird owners have special bonds with their feathered friends.

From tampering with technology to dirtying the house with any and everything, birds sure do get around. Now, their owners are calling them out for it... but loving them just the same.

The Feathery Reason the Puzzle Box Is Always Incomplete

The Prankster Parrot

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The Bird Who Tries to Hide the Evidence

The Parrot Who Blazes His Own Trail

The Bird with the Mouth of a Sailor

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The Winged Barista-in-Training

The Feathered Houdini


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The Cockatoo with a Grudge Against Technology...

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And the Bird Who Loves Technology a Bit Too Much

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The Cockatiel Who Does Not Give Thanks Before Each Meal

The Conure Who Prefers "The Beverly Hillbillies" to Today's Drama

Sometimes I'm kind of a jerk! #birdshaming #conuresofinstagram

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If you've ever had a pet bird, you can probably relate a lot of these photos.

Got a bird shaming photo? Share it on social media with the hashtags #birdshaming and #WideOpenPets.

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11 Bird Shaming Pics That Prove Feathered Pets Have Their Own Agenda