11 Barnyard Friends Ready to Celebrate World Farm Animal Day

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Celebrate farm animals this week!

With World Farm Animal Day on October 2 and World Animal Day on October 4, pets get celebrated left and right.

Farm animals deserve a shoutout. As any farmer knows, taking care of barnyard friends is a whole different ball game.

But it's not just goats, sheep, pigs, horses, cows, and chickens on a farm. Exotic animal farms exist around the globe, too.

Check out these barn animals getting their farm on for this week's celebration.

"Frolicking on the farm is my favorite thing to do!"

"Goat milk?"

"One little, two little, three little piggies..."

Just look at all those babes! Piggyback for days🐷#bigemoments #piggies #pigsofinstagram #piggyback

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"It's an alpacalypse!"

"Oh hi there, did you want to celebrate sheep today?"

"Excuse me, did you say it's World Farm Animal Day?"

"Hello from the Scottish Highlands!"


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"You wanna talk to the club, you talk to me."

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"I do more than just gobble."

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"I'm just an ever-curious emu."

The friendly faces of Charlevoix.

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"Guys can be pretty, too."

Aren't farm animals the greatest?

We love our barnyard friends as much as we love our domestic companion pets! World Farm Animal Day is also the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi who famously taught against violence toward all sentient beings. October 2nd is now synonymous with the vegetarian lifestyles, the farm animal rights movement, and the animal rights movement.

Here at Wide Open Pets we don't believe in factory farms nor animal cruelty but do realize that farming is a way of life. To live closely with animals, loving them and respecting them, gives you a perspective of where your food comes from. To be conscious of farm animals and their care is what World Animal Day is all about!

Tell us your favorite farm animal in the comments below.

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11 Barnyard Friends Ready to Celebrate World Farm Animal Day