$10,000 Reward for Safe Return of Missing Beverly Hills Dog

Posted by Amber King
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Help Find Choo Choo

You can't put a price on a dog's love.

Beverly Hills Police are on the hunt to locate a dog allegedly stolen from its owner's driveway Sunday afternoon. The female Pomeranian named "Chucky," "Choo Choo," or "Charlie" is desperately missed, and her family is willing to pay $10,000 to get her back.

The reward is being offered to anyone who can safely return the dog or offer valuable information to her whereabouts.

If you have any information, please reach out to 310.776.0737 or helpfindchoochoo@gmail.com.

Posted by Help Find Choo Choo on Monday, January 22, 2018

The dog's family realized Chucky was missing Sunday night, and they checked their home's security footage to hopefully figure out where the dog went. They were lucky, and a camera situated in their driveway caught an unknown woman approaching the dog from the street. The woman had dark hair and was wearing all black clothing.


Chucky greeted the woman where the driveway meets the road and was quickly scooped into her arms. The woman walks out of camera range leaving no further evidence of who she is or what her intentions are with the dog. The police have been notified of the incident and are helping the owners search for their missing dog.

Chucky is wearing a collar with an ID that says "Chucky," and she's also microchipped. Her owners have reached out to news agencies and have created a Facebook page called Help Find Choo Choo. They know the longer the dog is missing, the worse their chances are of getting her back. They're asking everyone who has information or thinks they recognize the woman in the video to contact them via [email protected]

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$10,000 Reward for Safe Return of Missing Beverly Hills Dog