100 Cats Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Head to Chicago and Need Help

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These cats aren't coming to Chicago for the pizza.

Dedicated to providing a safe and loving shelter to abandoned, injured, abused, and neglected animals until their permanent adoptive home is found, Felines & Canines has pledged to take in 100 cats who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

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The first transport is expected to arrive some time between Friday and Monday, with more groups to follow.

"After a number of conversations with people on the ground in Texas, we were informed that countless groups have offered their help for the dogs, but the cats are in much more of a desperate need for rescue assistance," the organization announced Wednesday. "Our goal is to help where help is needed most, so we are stepping up for the cats of Texas."

When the cats arrive, many of which will be adults and seniors, they will need an array of medical care, such as spay/neutering and dental work. But in order to so, they'll need the help of the public.

Officials with the shelter said they could not yet anticipate what the costs would be, but that the mission would likely result in a "significant strain on our limited financial resources."

To curb the expenses, the shelter is asking for help from the public in the form of donations.

"By working together as a nation, we will help Texas get through this," wrote Executive Director Abby Smith. "Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy."

Click here to donate today!

Have you ever adopted a senior cat? Let us know in the comments section below!

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100 Cats Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Head to Chicago and Need Help