10 Yawning Bunnies to Help You Get Through the Week

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Stop what you're doing because yawning bunnies might be the cutest thing on the Internet.

Just when you thought the Internet had reached maximum cuteness level, Instagram users had to go posting photos of their rabbits mid-yawn. The result is an astounding array of irresistible cuteness.

We picked out some of our favorites that are sure to make you abandon everything and go find a bunny of your own, pronto.

The Carpe Diem Advocate

The Lawn Mower

Saaaaaturday!!!!😮💕🐰 Finchen is really tired😴, the week was very exhausting. 😉

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The Whitney Houston Wannabe and Her Bodyguard

The Wallflower 

Bunny action shot! #yawning #yawningbunny #bunny #zoo #berlin #germany #photography #somuchfun #zooberlin

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The Sunday Morning Stretcher

#yawningbunny #sleepybunny #兔子小布

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The Celine Dion Belter

The Playground Napper

The Weekend Partiers

The Yoga Enthusiast

The Pretty Pretty Princess

These sleepy bunnies are likely the fluffiest yawners you'll see all year.

Do you have a photo of a rabbit caught mid-yawn? Tag with #yawningbunny and #wideopenpets for a chance to be featured!

Do stop everything you're doing when your pet rabbit yawns? Tell us about the cuteness in the comments below!

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10 Yawning Bunnies to Help You Get Through the Week