10 Weird Things Dog Owners Do That Are Actually Completely Normal

Posted by Amber King

Dog owners are people of a different breed, and they're proud of it.

Whether you like dozing with your monster-sized Great Dane or taking your Chihuahua for jaunts in the park, all dog owners are the same. There are certain things we do that make the rest of the world cringe.

But that's okay, because all our best friends are furry and four-legged, and we know they're not judging us for our questionable behavior. In their eyes, what we're doing is perfectly normal--well, they at least tolerate us enough to let it happen.

Here are 10 things every dog owner has admitted doing and felt completely confident about.

1. Went Overboard When Telling Stories

happy friends having dinner at summer garden party

You know the 20-minute story about the first time you gave Fluffy a bath is a real crowd-pleaser, so you make sure to tell it to everyone you meet--multiple times. It's not your fault your dog is so relatable he naturally comes up in every conversation.

2. Gotten Carried Away with a Doggy Photoshoot

Selfies woman with her beautiful dog lying outdoors. dog training

It's literally impossible to not grab your phone every time your dog does something adorable. And let's be honest, that's pretty much all the time. Your phone's camera roll is exclusively reserved for photos of your pet, and your life wouldn't be complete without every single shot.

3. Had a Complete Conversation

dog laying on bed with girl wearing fuzzy socks

No one understands you like your dog. They're there for the good times and the bad, and sometimes you just need to talk stuff out. Whether you're discussing what to make for dinner or pouring your heart out over the season finale of your favorite show, your pup is always the best person to talk to.

4. Secretly Judged Other Inferior Dogs

dog with tun sticking out

Your friends like telling you all about their dogs, but the whole time they're talking, you're making an alphabetical list of the reasons your dog is superior. That doesn't mean you won't fawn over every pooch you meet, but at the end of the day, you know who the real winner is.

5. Gotten Jealous When Your Dog Sat with Someone Else

Cute Terrier Puppy Look On As Master Holds Her in His Lap.

How dare they betray you! You love them more than anyone else, and they slide over on the couch like you don't even exist. No matter how temporary the seating situation is, it always hurts. But when they eventually come crawling back to your lap, everything is right with the world.

6. Felt Guilty Leaving Your Dog Alone

dog staring out window

Your friends think leaving the party early because your dog misses you isn't a valid excuse, but you know better. He's all alone in that big house, and you miss him just as much as he misses you. Besides, watching Netflix with your dog is your definition of a good night.

7. Talked About Your Dog Like They're Your Child

small white dog wearing shirt

To you there's no difference, but everyone you talk to usually needs clarification. This gets especially confusing if your dog has a human name. But you've gotten to the point where you don't bother explaining. To you, your dog is your baby, and that's all that matters.

8. Based Your Purchases Off of What Your Dog Would Think

The beautiful woman with long dark hair with small dog and bags

That poor pooch being slathered by hand lotion in some lab could be your dog's cousin! You do your best to shield your pet from the horrors of commercialism, and that means being picky about your purchases. You know they wouldn't approve of your decision, and you simply can't bring yourself to support companies that test on animals.

9. Picked a Movie Because You Thought Your Dog Would Like It

Dog watching TV sitting on sofa in room

Your dog's favorite movie is "101 Dalmatians," and you spend more time watching his reaction than actually looking at the screen. Regardless of what you're watching, you're always pointing out the "famous puppies" on TV to your pet. And then you melt when they start doing that head tilt thing every time the on-screen dog barks.

10. Tried to Rationalize with Them

dog shewing on toy

You understand they want the brownie, but you calmly explain to them why they can't have it. "It's for your own good," you say as they continue to stare at you with drool dripping from their lips.

The rest of the world may look at you with concern and confusion, but your fellow dog owners understand. The relationship you have with your pup is something special, and anyone who thinks otherwise is only jealous.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Weird Things Dog Owners Do That Are Actually Completely Normal