Cole and Marmalade Tell Us the 10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Cats

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Christmas with cats? It can be a real challenge, but this hilarious video has some practical tips to help you out. 

Is your Christmas tree a victim of your cat's sabotage? Are ornaments being shattered and shredded? Are presents being torn open, ribbons being pulled apart, and chaos spreading through your house? It's all part of Christmas with cats.

That's why Cole and Marmalade are here with some helpful tips on how you can survive Christmas with cats. In particular, these tips can help you to keep your Christmas tree safe from your cats. Sure, following these tips requires a little bit of creative thinking and a willingness to break from tradition. But take a look - maybe you can use some of these tips in your house.

Whatever you do, don't forget to keep your cat's safety in mind. If your cat chews on the tree or on ornaments and ingests pieces, he can be in serious trouble and may even require surgery. Avoid using tinsel on your tree at all costs, since it can cause an intestinal blockage and can even kill your cat. Keep a close eye on your cat and your tree to make sure that your cat stays safe.

There are many ways you can celebrate the holidays with your cat, like giving your cat presents and treating him to a special holiday meal. Your Christmas tree may need some extra protection from your cat, so give these tips a try and let us know if any of them are successful!

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Cole and Marmalade Tell Us the 10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Cats