Horse-Themed Weddings: 10 Creative Ways You Can DIY


Horse-themed weddings are every equestrian's dream. Here are 10 beautiful weddings to help get you inspired. 

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. Many equestrians want to share that day with their loves - both two and four-footed. Horse-themed weddings have certainly gained in popularity, and with good reason. Not only do horses make any photo that much more beautiful, but they can also add a unique touch to a wedding.

Some brides opt to do photo shoots with their horses, while others look for additional ways to incorporate them, such as by riding into the ceremony on horseback, or by having a wedding at a barn so that horse accents are all around. Some have even featured their horse on their wedding cake as a cute cake topper or have a rustic wedding or country wedding theme with hay bales for extra seating.

Looking for some inspiration for your big day? Here are 10 equestrian-themed wedding ideas to get you started.


1. Quite the entrance. 

2. The perfect photo op for a horse lover. And what beautiful wedding hair!

Fabulous F R I D A Y ?? : Ok, this picture is serious wedding goals. The red bouquet, white dress, white horse ?? #YASplease : I absolutely LOVE working with farm animals for weddings, especially horses! : Growing up as a competitive horseback rider horses will always hold a special place in my heart. : And come on.....that red bouquet, I can?t get over how GORG it is with all that white! ?????? . . . . . ? Chard Photography #fortheloveofpawsboston #lovepawston #theknot #happybride #bostonwedding #bostonbride #newenglandbride #newenglandwedding #engaged #weddinghorse #petwedding #dreamwedding #perfectweddingday #aisleperfect #weddingmagazine #weddingwire #horsewedding #horses #horse #equestrian #equestrianwedding

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3. What a beautiful shot! 

4. Just stunning. 

5. Wedding invitations with equestrian accents. Horse shoes are the cutest!

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6. What a beautiful setting. 

7. Just beautiful...and look at that wedding dress!

8. This horse even got to take part in the ceremony. 

9. Now that's a color pallet!

10. Barn wedding! 

Before you decide to incorporate horses into your wedding, make sure to think about safety. Horses have different temperaments, and some can handle the wedding atmosphere, while others may become nervous and spooky. Also be sure to check with wedding venues to see if they allow livestock on the property. A wedding planner can help with all these arrangements.

Don't feel that you have to involve your horse in your ceremony; there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate horses safely so that they remain relaxed and everyone can enjoy the special day.

Have you or will you incorporate horses into your wedding? Tell us in the comments below.

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