Moo Affection: 10 Valentine's Day Cows Who Love You

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Hope you are in the moo'd for some cow love!

Who knew cows could be so adorable? We tend to value cows in America for their monetary worth in meat, milk, and of course cheese, but one look at these Valentine's Day cows will show you how lovable they really are.

On Valentine's Day, everything is about the heart. You will find heart-shaped chocolates, cards, garlands, wreaths, sunglasses, hats, and anything else you can imagine. Sometimes, our animal friends like to get in on the holiday spirit as well. You can definitely feel the love coming from these cows with heart-shaped markings!

Here are 10 cows who are ready for V-Day.

1. "Cud" you be my valentine?

Black and white cow with heart spot

2. Baby Love

Little boy kissing baby cow, black and white picture
The Zooom

3. Black Beauty

black baby cow with heart-shaped spot on forehead
Don't Call Me Betty/Tumblr

4. A True Love Story

"Clarabelle, a former dairy cow who was rescued by Edgar's Mission in Australia with her baby, Valentine. All of Clarabelle's previous babies had been taken from her so she tried to hide Valentine at first. Luckily, she will be able to stay with this daughter for life." The Dodo
Edgar's Mission

5. Little Boy Blue

baby cow
My Modern Met

6. Heart Horns

Cow with heart shaped horns

7. Smooch!

two baby cows kissing
Sweet Tea and Sunday Mornings/Tumblr

8. Bringing this baby home would be a great way to say "I love you!"

baby black cow with heart-shaped mark on forehead
Beef Magazine

9. A whole lotta love.

Holstein cow with heart-shaped spot eating grass

10. Big Wet Cow Kisses

cow licking another cow on the cheek

Happy Valentine's Day! Share this with your special Valentine and let them know how much they mooooove you!

Do you have a Valentine? Tell us in the comments below!

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Moo Affection: 10 Valentine's Day Cows Who Love You