10 Totally Awesome Equine Clip Jobs Because It's Time to Stand Out

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Whether you love or detest clipping your horse, you have to take a look at these 10 totally awesome clip jobs.

At some point during your horse's career, he may have to be clipped. Clipping a horse is a tedious task, but it's often a necessary evil. If you have to clip horses, why not have a little fun with the clip jobs? After all, with a little creativity and some patience, you can transform your horse into his own very special work of art.

And that's just what these awesome clip jobs do. From the simple to the unbelievably complex, they each have a unique style that certainly makes the horse stand out. Take a look - which one is your favorite?

A Bit of a Puzzle


A Tribute to the Troops

clip ii

A Winged Horse

clip iii

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Beautiful Flowers

clip 4
Pinterest/Ellysa McCreary Visit

We Love It

clip 5

A Super Clip Job

clip 6

Spooky Spiderweb

clip 7
Horse Nation

Simply Beautiful

clip 8
Facebook/Kira Matonick

An Elegant Fern

clip 9

A Total Star

clip 10
Facebook/JMC Equestrian

Are you inspired to try some fancy clipping on your own horse? Make sure that you start with a clean horse whose coat is free of dirt and mud.

It's also important that your clippers are clean, your blades are sharp, and your clippers are intended for heavy use (if you're planning on doing a full body clip). Take breaks to oil your clippers regularly, especially for a larger clip. And lastly, make sure that you're using appropriate blades for the clip that you want to get.

If you're hoping to create a particular pattern or design, then create a cardboard cutout in the shape that you want. You can trace the cutout onto your horse's body by using chalk, and will then have a guide to follow. Overlap your clipping paths for a smooth finish.

While achieving some of the complex clips above will take some practice, there are plenty of easier designs that you can tackle right away.

Show us your artistic clip jobs in the comments below!

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10 Totally Awesome Equine Clip Jobs Because It's Time to Stand Out