10 Times #ShowMeYourDingus Proved Dogs are Really Weird

Posted by Stacey Venzel

If ever there was a more accurate definition of "dingus," dogs are it.

The jury is still out on why dogs do the things they do. Two things are for certain: dogs are weird and we love them. In fact, we probably love them a little more (okay, a lot more) because of their shenanigans.

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We think we have BarkBox to thank for starting the phenomenally accurate "show me your dingus" hashtag. Sometimes, the canines of the world really can be dinguses.

But just what is a dingus? See for yourself.

"Wait, hold that thought."

"The ocean is lava! THE OCEAN IS LAVA!"

Ermahgerd get that wave away from me!

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"Naw, man, I think I'm just gonna stay here."

Me, refusing to leave the dog park

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"Hi, human, do you have enough room?"

"Just like five to ten more minutes."

"I has teefs."

"Hold on, I gotta do a thing."

"Did I really learn my lesson? Did I?"

"I'm watching you...always watching."

Life can be so unfair sometimes 🍿

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"Just one more lick. Promise."

Check out BarkBox for monthly pooch-approved goodies sent to your doorstep. And be sure to participate in the dingus craze by using this hashtag for appropriate dingus moments.

Got a funny dog photo to share? Post it in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets!

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10 Times #ShowMeYourDingus Proved Dogs are Really Weird