10 Times Atom the Pug Was Way Cooler Than Us

Posted by Amber King
pug driving a tractor wearing a cowboy hat

When Atom the Pug first caught the Internet's attention, he was anything but average.

Having been adopted by his family when he was three years old, Atom has the kind of personality you'd expect from a well-loved fur baby. He's happy and silly, and he loves to go on adventures. But according to his humans, he has "extra class" that quickly turned him into an internet sensation.

Atom first caught the world's attention when a video of him driving went viral.

Since then, he's earned an impressive number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. He may be less than two feet tall and afraid of his farts, but this Pug has proven again and again that he's cooler than all of us.

Here are 10 photos that show just how cool he really is.

I mean, come on.

Atom may not have an actual driver's license,

but that hasn't stopped him from hitting the streets in style. 

No matter what he's driving,

he always looks good behind the wheel. 

His casually posed selfies are way better than anything we could pull off.

And even when he's not driving, 

he's still cooler than us. 

He's no ordinary pug,

and that's exactly why we love him.

Whether he's maneuvering a massive Army tank or cruising around town on his miniature pink four-wheeler, Atom is always camera-ready. He's a four-legged hot shot that isn't afraid to run a few red lights.

You can see more of his adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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10 Times Atom the Pug Was Way Cooler Than Us