Bold and Beautiful: 10 Roan Horses That Are Stunningly Different

Posted by Allie Layos
Roan bay stallion grazing

Roan horse are usually stunning, but these ten take it to a whole new level.

The roan coat color pattern is characterized by a mixture of colored and white hairs on the horse's body, while the horse's head and points (legs, mane, and tail) are a solid color.

When the roan colors are combined with a spotted coat pattern or extensive white face and lower leg markings, you never know what you're going to get! These horses' coat color can range from bay roan, red roan, blue roan, strawberry roan, to chestnut and a solid roan pattern.

Here are ten horses who epitomize the beauty of the roan coat pattern.

Bay is even prettier on a roan.

roan horse
Breyer Horses

It doesn't get better than a roan with spots.

roan horse

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You won't find these colors anywhere else.

roan horse
White Horse Productions

White markings accentuate the roan's beauty...

 roan horse
Cloud 9 Walkers

...and roans know they're beautiful.

roan horse

The contrast between coat and mane color is stunning.

roan horse
One Time Pepto

They come in palomino...

palomino roan horse
Free Webs

...and in all shapes and sizes.

grey roan horse
Gypsy MVP

There are even roan ponies.

roan pony

And there isn't much cuter than a roan baby.

baby roan horse
Horses Of The West

A few roan horses in a field is enough to make any day just a little better! Whether it be a roan stallion, roan mare, or roan offspring, these horses are of a different color!

Show us your roan horse in the comments below!

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Bold and Beautiful: 10 Roan Horses That Are Stunningly Different