10 Visual Reasons Why You Should Get a Mini Donkey

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They are small in size, but big in cuteness!

In the animal world, mini always equals adorable, and donkeys are definitely not an exception to the rule! Mini donkeys are adorable, bite-sized versions of the familiar long-eared barnyard companions.

You can usually find miniature donkeys at petting zoos and as pets instead of working animals, because of their small size. Mini donkeys are extremely loyal and make excellent companions and a good pet, even. They are super gentle and are great around kids as well as other animals.

Here are 10 adorable examples of this lovable breed:

1. Prancing like a pony.

Get out there and make today a great day! #minidonkey #donkey #ranch #farm

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2. Sweet Sisters

My sweet girls. I love them so much!! #donks #donkey #minidonkeys #minidonkey #maplevalley #donkeysofinstagram

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3. Just look at that face!

4. This little guy's first day on Earth.

5. Strike a pose!

6. Cute Brothers

7. Nice hat!

8. "Can I live in here now?"

Jelly Bean came inside to hunt for Easter Eggs. #jellybean #minidonkey #farmlife #cutedonkey #easterdonkey

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9. Sunbathing Baby

10. The grass is always greener...

How many times did you say, "Awww!"?

Oh, 10 times? That's what we thought.

What do think about mini donkeys? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Visual Reasons Why You Should Get a Mini Donkey