10 Really Guilty Labs Who Need Your Forgiveness, Please

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Trimble via Imgur.com

If you own a lab, then you know just how much trouble these dogs can get into and are sure to love these photos of guilty labs.

Labs are notorious for their voracious appetites and unending curiosity, and sometimes these traits can get them into really interesting situations. What's great about Labs is that they also always seem to know when they've done something wrong, and guilty Labs are so expressive about their shame. The guilty Labs in these photos seem to be begging for forgiveness, and it's hard not to give it to them - after all, they look so, so sorry!

Whether you're a Lab owner, a dog lover, or are currently dog-less, these photos are sure to entertain you. Sit back, have a laugh, and be grateful that it wasn't your dog who got into trouble - this time.

Oh no, what's he done?

Oakley Originals via Flickr.com

Eyes of forgiveness.

Oakley Originals via Flickr.com

Someone's been looking for something in the yard....

imapatriot via Imgur.com

Uh oh, someone's in trouble.

Trimble via Imgur.com

What a face!

Oakley Originals via Flickr.com

Guilty pup #1.

mackenziesebastian via Tumblr.com

Maybe he thinks we can't see him?

beatrixn via Imgur.com

He's sorry he popped the ball, really.

puppy ii
lolzpicx via Tumblr.com

Oh my!

oh my

What a guilty face!

guilty pup

These are some seriously guilty dogs! We bet their owners forgave them, though - how could you not with these seriously sad faces?

Dogs can be masters of expressing guilt, thanks to their control over their ears, their lowered head posture, and their upturned eyes. If you plan on bringing a Lab into your home, then be prepared for their talents at begging for forgiveness - and getting it.

Has your dog done something naughty? Tell us in the comments below. 

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10 Really Guilty Labs Who Need Your Forgiveness, Please