Feline Gift Guide: 10 Products for the Proudest Cat Lady

Posted by Samantha Bubar

What's your cat lady style? 

If you're a cat lady and have a special kitty in your life, or several, you probably want to shout it loud and proud.

If cat hair isn't enough of an accessory for you, here are ten items you should have to flaunt your purr-fect companion!

Cat Mugs


This mug from YoursBlissfully on Etsy is wonderful vehicle for your morning cup of coffee. Guaranteed to make coworkers jealous.

Cat Rings


Also found on Etsy, these delicate rings are an understated way to incorporate your love of felines into your wardrobe. You know, in case the cat hair on your favorite shirt didn't already send that message.

Cat Notepad Holder


For all those important notes you need to keep handy, like to remind yourself to pick up cat food or buy more cat toys. Only for the most important tasks.

For Your Cat Naps


For your master suite or your guest room, these pillow cases make a purr-fect addition to any home; anywhere you may need to take a quick cat nap!


Kitten Lady
Kitten Lady

These stickers are not only adorable, but they're a great way to display your love of kittens and support a great cause! Kitten Lady is an organization that rescues and teaches about neonatal kitten care.

The proceeds from their merchandise goes towards rescuing teeny kittens, and educating the public about proper care.

Classy Cat Earrings


For the refined cat lady. When you need to keep it very professional, but also want to represent your love for all things cats, these pearls are a subtle way to make a statement.

Cats for Your Phone


When you need a little extra kitten love on the go, these phone jack charms are the perfect accessory for your technology!

Cat Phonecase


cat iphone caseYou need a phone case to protect your phone, but it's also a great way to show your love of all things feline! This case with ears is cute way to step outside of the phone case box.

Cat Shirts


When you need a cute outfit for any occasion, what better than to showcase your favorite feline friend. This cute shirt on Etsy is a lovely way to show your love.

Lucky Cat Notebook


What better to jot down all your very important cat-related thoughts than this lucky cat notebook! Because what other thoughts would be worthy of writing down?

Whatever your cat lady style is, there are plenty of accessories and ways to incorporate that love into your daily style and life!

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Feline Gift Guide: 10 Products for the Proudest Cat Lady